About Us

Inovamolde is dedicated to the manufacturing of high precision and complex molds for the plastics injection industry.

Who we are

Inovamolde, Lda was founded in 2009 based on the experience acquired by its founders in the plastics and metal mechanics industry, which since the late 90s have been producing molds for plastic injection and cutting tools.

In a clear commitment to quality and trust, Inovamolde Lda has invested, over the years, in advanced technology equipment, having currently the capacity to produce annually about 30 to 40 molds with dimensional accuracy, and to develop projects up to 10 molds simultaneously in a short period of time.

The inonconformity for the search of the best solutions, the high technical knowledge, the involvement with the customer during the design and development process and the total dedication to each project, are the basis of the recognition of national and international.  Currently, it is present in international markets such as Spain, France, Romania, Mexico and United Kingdom.

Thanks to extensive experience and the team of skilled professionals, it is possible to contribute effectively to project management, follow the construction of the mold and ensure that the entire production process is completed successfully, ensuring customer satisfaction.

Our Mission

Develop and produce technical molds, ensure complementary engineering services, in order to optimize the functionalities of products and respective customers procedures, always ensuring maximum quality and minimizing cost throughout the product life cycle, in an innovative and creative way.

Our Vision

To be recognized nationally and internationally for its technological capacity and intensive technical know-how in the design and production of molds for plastic injection of high precision and complexity.

Our Values

Earn the Trust of customers, suppliers and partners

Produce with Quality and offer the best project-to-project solutions

Respect for people and customer needs 

Commitment, appreciation and involvement of employees.

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